Monday, June 6, 2016

Arch nemesis #1: The push up

My goal is to perform 100 push ups without becoming tired.

To do so, I have taken on Todd Kuslikis' advice.

Test Day:
Perform as many push ups as you can in one set.
Multiply this number by five.
There's your target number.

Day #1:
Perform push ups to exhaustion.
Try to reach your target number in the minimum number of sets required.

Day #2:
Perform push ups spaced across the day.
Comfortably reach the target number.

Day #3:

Repeat this process until Day #14.
Then do as many push ups as you can.
Repeat the whole process until you have reached your ultimate goal in life.

Although I have already done a whole lot of exercise today,
I just did my test go.
My maximum number of push ups just now was 41.

That makes my target number 205.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Strength Training

I pondered over why it's so difficult for me to complete workouts.

And then it hit me.
I wasn't strong enough.

Strength training.

Saitama got his powers purely through strength training

That's what I need.
That's what every Karate practitioner needs.
And I'm not talking about weight lifting,
But callisthenics. 

I went to this website which listed some workout plans.
Out of them I selected two which I will consecutively attempt:

To transition between the two I will turn to Kenpo Karate.
Apparently this endurance workout is derived from them.

At some point I also want to achieve 100 push ups.
Back in the day,
When I used to train somewhat regularly,
My maximum number of push-ups was about 60.

Anyway, I hope this helps one of my readers.
Above all, I hope it will help me.

For the rest of the day, I will try a hand-stand.
And of course I'm not putting flexibility training on hold.

Me in a few months time... hopefully...

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I am weak

As most of you hopefully know.

I am weak.

Well weak compared to the healthy martial artist.

I tried the warrior workout again just now.

But failed to finish,
Not being able to complete the third last exercise as my arm's gave way.
Doesn't matter, I'll try again next time.