Monday, June 6, 2016

Arch nemesis #1: The push up

My goal is to perform 100 push ups without becoming tired.

To do so, I have taken on Todd Kuslikis' advice.

Test Day:
Perform as many push ups as you can in one set.
Multiply this number by five.
There's your target number.

Day #1:
Perform push ups to exhaustion.
Try to reach your target number in the minimum number of sets required.

Day #2:
Perform push ups spaced across the day.
Comfortably reach the target number.

Day #3:

Repeat this process until Day #14.
Then do as many push ups as you can.
Repeat the whole process until you have reached your ultimate goal in life.

Although I have already done a whole lot of exercise today,
I just did my test go.
My maximum number of push ups just now was 41.

That makes my target number 205.

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