Friday, May 6, 2016

Starting fresh

Ten years of Karate.
That's how long it took for me to realise that I still suck at fighting.

Our class had its first sparring session in years.
And the outcome was a cat fight.

So I thought to myself.
Is this what my 10 years of training have come down to?
Am I just a white belt in disguise?
My head was exploding.

So I went on YouTube to see some videos.
I came across this.

And I was astounded by the beauty of it.
But then I reminded myself.
This isn't real.

So I decided to watch a real fight.
See the difference for yourself.

A fidgety run in, followed by a single punch met by a flinch and an intervention from the referee.

Just great.

It seems as though I wasted thousands of hours practising techniques
 and forms that I'd never use in a fight.

But I refuse to believe that.
Obviously I can't quit Karate now.
After all, this is my first blog post!

From here on, I will study Karate like no one before.
If it's not practical, I will make it practical.
If it's unexplained, I will explain it.
And when I am ready, I will once again step into the ring.
And this time I will win.
With honour.

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